Margaret Atwood on Her Shakespeare Adaptation, "Hag-Seed"

At the conference, Jeremy Rosen spoke fascinatingly about Shakespeare adaptations in Hogarth Press's Shakespeare series. At, Margaret Atwood talks about her own contribution to this series, a rewriting of The Tempest entitled Hag-Seed. We’ve not read it (though we’ll ask Jeremy to comment), but’s Constance Grady has reviewed the play-cum-novel here. Grady is quite happy with Atwood’s reworking, calling it a “a marvelous and thoughtful adaptation”:

[A] really good adaptation, like Atwood’s, can do the same thing as a really good and inventive staging of a play: It can tease out nuances and resonances from its source material, so that you begin to see the original work in an entirely new light.

Grady does raise one concern: she questions the choice of title, which seems to stress the importance of Caliban, something Atwood apparently does not manage to live up to. For us, that certainly raises the question of who comes up with these titles, and for what reasons.

- TL, October 26, 2016