Friday September 23, 2016


Opening Remarks Lanzendörfer / Norrick-Rühl

Section “Novel”

9.30-10.30 Exploratory Note 1

Mathias Nilges (St. Francis Xavier U): "Still Life With Zeitroman: The Time of the Contemporary American Novel"

Short Break

10.45-13.00 Panel

Jeremy Rosen (U Utah): "Shakespeare, Novelized: Hogarth, Symbolic Capital, and the Literary Market"
Patrick Gill (U Mainz): "Mind the Gap: The Contemporary Literary Novel and Conspicuous Absences"
Kristian Shaw (U of Lincoln): "The Cosmopolitan Value of the Global Novel"

Lunch Break

Section “Novel-Seeming”

14.00-15.00 Exploratory Note 2

Stephen Shapiro (U Warwick): "Speculative Histories and Post-Capitalist Realism: The New Narrative’s Search for a Usable Past"

Short Break

15.15-17.30  Panel

Clemens Spahr (U Mainz): "The Great American Non-Fiction Novel: Contemporary Literary Journalism and the Book Market"
Philipp Löffler (U Heidelberg): "Aesthetic Experience & The Consumption of Serial Art: Quality TV. vs. the Novel"
Julia Round (Bournemouth U): "Sandman, Aesthetics and Canonisation"

19.00 Conference Dinner

Saturday, 24 September 2016


Section “Novel Goods”

9.30 Exploratory Note 3

Claire Squires (U Stirling): "Sensing the Novel/Seeing the Goods"

Short Break

            10.45-12.15   Panel

Julia Panko (Weber State U): "Auratic Facsimile: Mark(et)ing the Print Novel in the Age of Digital Reproduction"

Melanie Ramdarshan Bold (U College London): "Indie Publishers and the Contemporary Literary Marketplace"

Lunch Break

Section “Seeming Goods”

13.15-14.15 Exploratory Note 4

Günter Leypoldt (U Heidelberg): "Literature's Symbolic Econo­mies"

Short Break

14.30-16.45  Panel

Ann Steiner (Lund U): "Unique Selling Points. Creating and Maintaining Hype in the Book Market"

Alexander Starre (FU Berlin): "The Small American Novel: Reading, Marketing, and Evaluating the Short Book Today"

Jim Collins (U Notre Dame): "Novel-as-Good, Good Novels, Better eReaders"

17.00 End of Conference, Reception (sponsored by SHARP)