Locations & Directions

In chronological order

Arrival in Mainz

If you are arriving by train, please remember to get out of the train at Mainz central station (Mainz Hauptbahnhof), not at Mainz Römisches Theater!

Mainz is easily accessible from Frankfurt airport. Follow the signs to the regional train station ("Frankfurt Flughafen Regionalbahnhof") and buy a ticket to Mainz. This should cost 4,65 € for a regional train, either a RB or a S-Bahn (look for S-Bahn number 8, commonly referred to as S8). Please make sure you get out of the train at Mainz central station (Mainz Hauptbahnhof), not at Mainz Römisches Theater!

Official conference hotels

Hotel Königshof

Hotel Advena Europa

Both hotels are within easy walking distance (>5 minutes) from Mainz main train station. Use the main downtown exit (not the West/Taubertsbergbad exit). If you are standing in front of the train station looking away from the train station, walk straight ahead to get to Hotel Königshof (in the street between Hotel Hammer and Besitos). If you are staying in Hotel Advena Europa, walk past Hotel Königshof and stay on the left side of the street, passing the city building (Bürgeramt). Hotel Advena Europa will be on your left just about 100 yards down.

English-language guided tour of Mainz and intro to the Gutenberg-Museum

Sarina Hoff, a PhD candidate at JGU Mainz with an MA in Book Studies and History, will meet you at 2.15 p.m. on Thursday, September 22 at Schillerplatz in Mainz for a guided tour (approx. 1.5 hours, with the possibility of visiting the Gutenberg-Museum afterwards, which is open until 5 p.m.). Meet at the Schillerplatz statue (statue of Schiller), she will be waiting for you there.

Informal conference warming

Thursday, September 22,  approx. 7 p.m. at Eisggrubbräu, a traditional German brewery with smaller dinner options and full dinner options (self-pay). Those of you taking the tour can ask Sarina Hoff to point you in the right direction. The address is Weissliliengasse 1a, and it is a well-known venue in Mainz and easy to find.


n. b. The conference venue has changed due to construction. We are now in P 205, on the Philosophicum third floor (German second floor). The conference venue at Johannes Gutenberg University, Mainz, was the so-called Fakultätssaal (Faculty Hall) at the Philosophicum. A map of the campus and the Fakultätssaal's location can be found here here (PDF). There will be signs guiding you to the new venue from the Fakultätssaal and from all four entrances to the Philosophicum building.

To get to the university campus, take any bus departing at the station from platforms F and G. Busses from F take you to the main entrance of campus ("Universität", the second stop). Walk through the first gateway and the next, across the street, and follow the large footpath past the university library and the green social sciences building to your right. The next building is the Philosophicum. Enter the main door. Walk up any of the staircases to the third floor (German second floor). P 205 will be clearly marked and the conference infodesk will be in front of P 205.

If you take a bus from G, go to Friedrich von Pfeiffer-Weg, the third stop. Cross the street on the overpath, then walk left along the street (parallel to the tram line under construction), until you reach a red-brick building. Enter and go up the staircase to the top (third floor/German second floor). P 205 will be clearly marked and the conference infodesk will be in front of P 205.

Directions will be posted in the Philosophicum in time for the conference.

Conference dinner

Our conference dinner will take place at the Cuvée, which has been specially established in honor of Rheinhessen's 200th anniversary as a (wine) region. The Cuvée is in the same building as the Gutenberg-Museum downtown at the Liebfrauenplatz and is easily accessible from the bus stop Höfchen/Listmann or about 15 minutes on foot from the conference hotels.

There are three main options for dinner (14,90 € each), but you can also choose something à la carte, such as a light dinner salad etc. If you are joining us and can decide on one of these three options below, please let us know here ahead of time to help the restaurant out with our large group:

  • Schweinefilet in Kräutermantel, gegrillter Zucchini und cremige Polenta / Pork fillet with grilled zucchini and polenta
  • Auf der Haut gebratenes Zanderfilet, Weißweinsauce, Zuckerschoten und Kartoffel-Kräuterstampf / Fried pike perch in white wine sauce, with snow peas and mashed potatoes with herbs
  • Spinat-Käseknödel auf Pfifferlings Ragout mit gedünstetem Marktgemüse (auch vegan möglich) / Spinach-cheese Knödel with a chanterelle ragout and steamed market vegetables (also available as a vegan dish)